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Personal Training will deliver the results you want in a matter of weeks. What you can expect:

  • Lose the excess Lbs and Inches so you look and feel amazing.
  • Tone those muscles and restore that sexy muscle definition.
  • Improve your Fitness levels so daily chores no longer take your breath away.

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Expect results..

We want to help you improve your life by getting fitter, losing weight and feeling more energised and positive WITHOUT counting calories, eating bland boring food and training for hours each day…

What makes us Different?

We are not your standard gym.. In fact, we are not a gym at all. We are so much more than that. By building a community of Fitness lovers in the Eastbourne area, we are helping people from all walks of life live longer healthier and happier lives.


Over 30's Only

We work exclusively with the over 30’s, meaning we are experts when it comes to weight loss, injury rehabilitation, muscle toning and more.


Custom Built Workout

We take time to understand your goals before prescribing a tailored workout plans to get you to your goals in the fastest time possible.


1 to 1 Support

Not only do we support you throughout your training, but we also provide on going personal support and advice for your nutrition and diet outside of the studio.

Personal Training Program

Train with an expert Personal Trainer in Eastbourne at our private fitness Studio.

Just come over and try Mark, if you are looking for a friendly and flexible approach to fitness and you need help with nutrition, he is your man!

Kristi Edwards

I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and contact Mark to ask if he might be able to help me. I was impressed by Mark’s professionalism, knowledge and genuine wish to improve the quality of his clients’ lives. I think I am Mark’s oldest female client and he has been able to work with my difficulties to give me a varied and interesting programme that challenged me without scaring me off.
Despite struggling at times, Mark’s encouragement and understanding has helped me become stronger, fitter and more flexible; my posture has improved greatly which means I look much better. I feel more confident and I’m back playing golf really well. I’m very grateful to Mark and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life.

Jennifer Thomas

Expect results..

We want to help you improve your life by getting fitter, losing weight and feeling more energised and positive WITHOUT counting calories, eating bland boring food and training for hours each day…

Frequently Asked Questions


How many days per week do I need to work out?

Depending on your health and fitness goals, you’ll need to commit to a minimum of 1 session per week and exercise up to 2 extra sessions each week on your own or in our fitness classes to see results. Any fewer than that and each workout will feel like you’re starting all over again each and every time.


What should I eat before a workout?

Ideally, you should have some form of fuel in your system before you work out. Eating an an hour or so before your session ensures that you’ll have enough energy. Try fruit and yogurt or toast and peanut butter; not too much or you’ll feel sluggish and heavy.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Expect to feel the results sooner than you see them. People who start a new exercise program and are consistent in getting their workouts done see improvements in sleep, mood and energy levels within two to three weeks. Changes in body composition often take a little longer to notice; the more consistent you are with your training and adhere to your nutrition plan, the sooner the results will become noticeable (to you and to others too!).

Meet Your Trainer

Mark Hart

Mark Hart


Over the last 20 years I have always had a strong belief in exercise and keeping fit.
I believe from my own experiences that, if anyone is taught the whole system, from nutrition, to training, that you will easily achieve, maintain and most importantly enjoy a better lifestyle.
Physical activity is not just for the young or sporty. It is never too late to start to gain the benefits, no matter how old or level of fitness you might be.