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Have a Hart – Judgement Day 10k Challenge


From Roger
So team Have a Hart managed to raise just over £600 for MacMillan last weekend, which might just about cover the cost of the support I got from them during my baptism into the life of a cancer patient last year. I literally had a whole shelf at home with advice books from them, so combined with the postage plus the shirts they sent out to us for the run I think there’s half a chance that they won’t be in a deficit from being involved with me.

There’s just one thing that makes me think it might not have been worthwhile, and that’s the grief I’ve been getting from Mark Hart about the race! The clue’s in the name – Race – plus he did say before we all crossed the start line that we could do it individually or as a group; so shoot me if I went for option one! Anyway, I don’t think I really ran faster than most of the others – I have a suspicion they all held back and feigned injuries just to make “cancer boy” finish ahead of them and feel go about himself. Well, all except Vicky of course, who had the temerity to finish ahead of me!

Anyway, here’s my very brief overview of team Have a Hart placing’s and performance as we stumbled, slipped, splashed, hurdled and occasionally ran the Judgement Day Pippingford Park Trail Run 2016…

Star of the day Vicky finishing first in her age group and 20 minutes ahead of her nearest team competitor in 27th place with a respectable time of 1:10:02 she later confessed to me at the finish line that she’d only managed to sustain the pace because she was trying to impress the young lads who started chatting her up part way around the course)

Roger (the good looking one) getting a bit carried away with the down hills, crashing out four times in the first ten minutes and leaving his fallen comrades in his dust.
87th at 1:30:08.

Sarah simultaneously crossing the line and telling me off for getting ahead of her because she wanted to run with me for a bit (run faster next time Sarah ;)).
92nd at 1:34:07

Steve coming in two seconds behind Sarah but claiming third place out of the Have a Hart team by virtue of his chip-time, and also claiming he’s not a runner apparently.
93rd at 1:34:06

Damian hobbling across the line with the knee injury he’d picked up after catching me up to run with me and make sure I didn’t miss the opportunities for brownies! He stoically told me to go on without him as his knee blew up (honestly, I swear it!).
107th at 1:38:03

Mark, who still hasn’t forgiven me for leaving him to push an injured Damian the last mile or so to the finish line.
108th at 1:38:06

Paula grumbling about her knees and never doing it again as she crossed the line and almost immediately then talking about the next event.
114th at 1:40:54

Bea running through the pain of having twisted her ankle within sight of the start (apparently, I still think it was all a conspiracy).
144th at 1:56:59

Lorraine holding back at the finish to let take Bea take the family silverware after having also twisted an ankle (the same one) in sympathy.
147th at 1:58:04

Thank you all for a great day and all the support you have shown. Roger.

A note from Mark.
I’m incredibly proud of the team. In the run up to the event there was a weekly running club. It was fantastic to get together and run over the beautiful Eastbourne downs.
Apart from the injuries sustained along the way it was a great effort from everybody.
Roger you amaze us all with your resilience, courage and most of all your stamina. You’re an inspiration! Well done.
Thank you all for all the donations and well wishes.

If anyone would Like to make a donation please click on the link below.

Macmillan Donation

Look out for further events in the near future.
Friston Forest team event on 24th July is next on the agenda.
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Friston Forest team event.

Have a Hart – Judgement Day 10k Challenge