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Have A Hart Burpee Challenge – Sports Relief 2016


On Wednesday 16th March 2016, a team from Have a Hart’s Circuit class took part in a Burpee challenge. The aim of the challenge was to do as many Burpees as you could in I minute during the circuit. Everyone took it in turns with Jess, the official adjudicator tallying up the Burpees.

Everyone gave it their all during their turn smashing out the Burpees as quick as they could giving 100%. The weeks leading up to the challenge everyone trained hard to ensure they were at their best.

As you could imagine everyone loves as “Burpee”, but the only way to prepare for the challenge was to go in hard. Mark and Jess were not popular but as they say, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.

Everyone received sports relief sweat band to inspire their efforts.

The Burpee challenge lasted 1 hour from start to finish and as a group we powered out a total of 700 Burpees.

This is a massive achievement from everyone, we raised a total of £171, which is way above our target of £80.

Myself and Jess are proud and inspired by everyone’s hard work. thank you all for your hard work, efforts and raising money for sport relief.

Have a Harts next challenge is on 21st May 2016, raising money for McMillan. We are putting a team together to run a 10k trail run taking part in an event called,” Judgement Day”.

Keep an eye out for links on Have a Hart Fitness Facebook page and e-mail to follow.

If you have an idea for a charity to help raise money for during future events,  please contact me via e-mail.

Many Thanks

Mark and Jess


Have A Hart Burpee Challenge – Sports Relief 2016